Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse

Why are you people searching for Britney Spears!? She is hardly the eye candy she once was so I just don’t understand how she has topped Yahoo’s most popular search terms for the fifth time in six years but is appears that the flashing, divorcing baby mama has.

Tonight at 9 p.m. PST, Yahoo will release their most popular search terms of 2006. In the top five are Britney, WWE, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

This makes me want to cry.

Packing up, preparing to move

I’ve decided to take the plunge and move my sites off of TextDrive. The memory limits on their shared hosting plans are not conducive to doing much with Rails (and Mephisto hardly runs at all). I like TextDrive, and would stay there if there wasn’t such a big gap in their pricing. I’m on the $15/mo plan, and the next level up is either a $50 shared hosting business plan, or a $45 Accelerator. I’m going to be moving my sites to a $20/mo VPS from SliceHost, which gives me quite a bit of wiggle room based on my current needs and things I’ll be doing in the near future (stay tuned…).