The exact nature of Lucky Patcher

Cracking applications has now become a regular practice among hackers.

This prompted application designers to create apps that could stop this nuisance particularly in mobile phones. Lucky Patcher was developed not as a lucky patcher tool for cracking but for manipulating other apps so that they do not affect normal functioning of your Android mobile phone and its installed applications. The prerequisite of installing this app on any device is that the concerned deice should be rooted. This app comes with a colour code which indicates its compatibility while performing certain functions.

Irrespective of the capabilities of an unwanted app, Lucky Patcher would make it work in a direction such that normal activities of a mobile remain unaffected. Lucky Patcher makes an analysis of the other apps installed in your gadget and also indicates their respective functions. Possibility of removal of licence verification on many apps could be carried out by Lucky Patcher.   

Videoder apps: Features

Videoder app designed for searching and downloading music albums and videos is a much loved tool of Android videoder device owners. The main reason behind its popularity among 20 million users is the app’s features and its ease of use.

  • Videoder app has the capability of downloading unlimited videos and music albums;
  • It supports a huge range of video formats and display resolutions such as 144P, 240P, 480P, 720P, 1090P, MP3, and 60fps, thereby making it a versatile downloader and searcher;
  • Has the capability of downloading lengthy videos by ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ process;
  • Offers preview of all videos and albums before being downloaded. This prevents downloading of unwanted videos;
  • It prevents any advertisements to be downloaded thereby making downloads thoroughly enjoyable. The annoyance of commercials during a song or album is totally removed;
  • User friendly interface is similar to YouTube making it easy to monitor;
  • Single tap downloading of YouTube playlist;
  • Support for multiple websites.

These features contribute considerably to Videoder’s widespread acceptance.


OGYouTube: Downloading and features

Before downloading OGYouTube it is essential to download the og youtube .apk file in your Android mobile phone or palmtop.

These files could be downloaded directly from links available on various sites. All such downloads are free and could be completed as per instructions displayed on your device screen. Links are provided for both normal (non-rooted) and rooted users. A separate link is provided for OG Whatsapp.

OG YouTube app allows playing YouTube in multiple window mode using a single operation. It is possible to play and download videos in any quality of your choice. These videos are downloaded in a single operation. Latest features like ‘play videos in background’ with screen turned off make this application more attractive to users. This app allows you to download the audio part only without the visuals. The latest version of OG YouTube supports marshmallow instruments. With these new features the app is actually a wonderful tool for users of latest Android devices.

Cinema Box app: Features

Cinema Box app is meant to bring entertainment within your grasp. This application specifically designed for smartphones is also usable for palmtops, personal computers and laptops. The only prerequisite is that they need to have either Android cinema box or iOS platform.

Cartoons, films, and television programs in HD (high definition) could be watched at your convenience and without troubling others.

Cinema Box is a much enhanced adaptation of Play Box. Its loading speed is faster and streaming quality much superior. On opening Cinema Box application, the latest movies are displayed. Even if you are not aware of new releases, this app would intimate about them whenever it is opened on your cell phone.

Another unique feature of this app is its photo gallery. A photo gallery is provided for each and every film that is featured in Cinema Box application. Different versions of this app is available for Android, iPhone, and Mac devices.

How Freedom apk works

Freedom apk has to use a dummy credit card so that it can make the purchase. The best thing is that it does work with Google play store.  When you install the app on the phone, everything will be completely free.

You only have to tap on the premium features and you will let the credit card freedom.apk found in the app to do the purchase. 

You will not have to pay for anything but the app will note that you have paid for the purchase to do the upgrade or to get access to the new features. Before you use the app, it is good to understand that it is a hacking app and it may not be legal to use it with some apps. But there are many users who have used it and they can benefit from it without any problem and it works. Always make sure that you are safe before you start to use the app.  With Freedom apk, it is easy to move to new levels faster. The in-built card will get access to the Google play store and there are different versions of the apk that can be downloaded depending on the device to use it in.

After the download:

  • The user will be able to get access to any type of the permission needed which is offered by the Google play store. 
  • The users are able to get the coins, gild bars and the gems for different games that may be playing.  
  • It is easy to unlock any feature of the game through using such amazing hacking application that can be found easily online.
  • There are many features that you can enjoy when you start to use this app. The app supports many games found on Google Play store and latest versions are supported. 
  • You are free to get any type of the resources you want free of charge. 
  • After installing the app, you only have to decide on which game you want to hack and you will get all the paid features for it free of charge.

Usefulness of zapya app

Zapya application has a lot of uses. This is an application which was developed to help people.

It helps its users by sharing their data. There are a large number of benefits which you can gain by using this application. First of all, you zapya will not be dependent on the internet connection.

Secondly, it transfers your data with a high speed. Now, if you are thinking that it will corrupt your data. Then, we are here to tell you that it will never damage your files, pictures or any kind of data. This data sharing application is free as well as safe to use. What else do you want, when you are having a platform to share data independently? Now, I would like to mention the speed by which it transfers your files to the desired location. It is faster 128 times. This means that if you are using Bluetooth for transferring your files as well as other data. Then stop using Bluetooth and start using this data sharing application. As, it is transfers your data 128 times quicker than the regular Bluetooth.

Now, we would like to tell you a very important feature. Some people think that zapya application can transfer data in a limited amount. Keep this thing in your mind that this application allows you to transfer unlimited data. You can transfer a large number of files as well as unlimited files to your friends and family.

Camera Lens Qualities in Viva Video Editor

Viva video app is a video maker and editor and it helps the users in creating a beautiful movie through editing different video clips on the iPad or iPhone.  The app has many features besides the clip edits such as the in app video capturing camera to do a complete video.  The app can be accessed in video and photo editing app store and it may be downloaded free of charge in the iPad and in iPhone.

Viva video app can be installed on most devices:  

    • The app can be launched easily and it can take up over 33 Mb on the iPad or iPhone’s storage.
    • When installed, it will work swiftly and smoothly and this will add to the experience of the user.
    • The best feature of the app is the use of the in-app camera which can be used to shoot the video using a regular point while at the same time; it can be used to shoot using PIP videos, funny video and effects options.
    • Viva video app use Top developer in Google Play store and it is one among the best editor and the slideshow maker app that are found at the market.
    • There are over 200 million people who are using the app up to now. It has been ranked to be number one as the video editor or movie maker in over 70 countries.
    • Even if there is a free app, it is also possible to get access to the premium modes with the pro option where the user can get access to collage, music video, funny, selfie or basic.
    • There are some fascinating lenses that had been used exclusively for the selfie camera.

Features of ShowBox App

Usually, people like to check the features of any application before installing it on their device. The developer’s emphasis on the features the application as they can make a difference in the popularity of the application.  The characteristics are the one big reason that makes any application top downloaded application among the other similar apps. ShowBox offers its users with so many great features along with entertainment. The app has an exclusive interface that is easy to use.  The users are enabled to stream a vast pool of videos on ShowBox.

Some of the main and highlighted characteristics of the ShowBox are:

Free to Use:

Many applications are free to install but after installation, you have to pay money to stream videos and TV shows. But ShowBox is free to download as well as you can stream videos and your favorite movies and channels as well.

Platforms Supported by ShowBox:

Mostly the applications are designed for Android devices, and they won’t be showbox installed on any other platforms. ShowBox runs on Android as well as on PCs. This is yet not available for iOS devices, but soon it will be available to download on iPhone, iPad, etc.

Stream and Download Videos from different Categories:

The users are allowed to stream movies, TV shows, and videos from various categories using ShowBox on a single platform. ShowBox has some categories such as TV shows, movies, and my library, etc. The users can select the category accordingly and can watch videos.

 Supports Many Video Qualities:

Normally the video application supports only one or two video qualities and formats. But using ShowBox, the videos can be viewed and downloaded in different qualities and formats. You can download them in low, medium and high quality.

Updated on Daily Basis:

Movies are released daily as well as episodes of your favorite shows. So, to provide the users with the latest collection of movies, videos and cartoon shows as well the app is updated on regular basis.

A TV show and movie fan must download this incredible application on their device and enjoy watching the videos anywhere anytime.

Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse

Why are you people searching for Britney Spears!? She is hardly the eye candy she once was so I just don’t understand how she has topped Yahoo’s most popular search terms for the fifth time in six years but is appears that the flashing, divorcing baby mama has.

Tonight at 9 p.m. PST, Yahoo will release their most popular search terms of 2006. In the top five are Britney, WWE, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

This makes me want to cry.

Packing up, preparing to move

I’ve decided to take the plunge and move my sites off of TextDrive. The memory limits on their shared hosting plans are not conducive to doing much with Rails (and Mephisto hardly runs at all). I like TextDrive, and would stay there if there wasn’t such a big gap in their pricing. I’m on the $15/mo plan, and the next level up is either a $50 shared hosting business plan, or a $45 Accelerator. I’m going to be moving my sites to a $20/mo VPS from SliceHost, which gives me quite a bit of wiggle room based on my current needs and things I’ll be doing in the near future (stay tuned…).